Bill Haward

I use line drawing in my artwork to describe the essential character of coastal scenes and historic locations. This can be complemented with areas of flat colour in a semi-abstract manner (as 'Aldeburgh Beach' on the right).

You can see my work (with some other artists on this site) at the OLD DAIRY STUDIOS, BECCLES, Suffolk NR34 9NT by appointment, or at FORTHCOMING EXHIBITIONS as noted below.

Samples of my ARTWORK are also shown below illustrating how my technique has developed with STUDIO work at Reydon and Beccles.



01502 725288  &  07793031680

Forthcoming exhibitions

From Friday 25th May until Monday 28th May 2018 inclusive from 11am to 5pm, I'm exhibiting at OLD DAIRY STUDIOS with some other members of the Old Dairy Studios group as part of our annual TRAIL, but with each artist producing distinctive artwork.

During the weekend of 23rd and 24th June 2018, Tricia Davidson (see her entry on this site) and myself will have OPEN STUDIOS for our artwork at 14 Evans Close, Reydon, Suffolk IP18 6PU as part of the annual SOUTHWOLD ARTS FESTIVAL.  This will be part of a TRAIL of artists studios in REYDON, adjacent to SOUTHWOLD. 

Concurrently with this TRAIL there will be a PREVIEW EXHIBITION of all the Reydon Trail artists at SOUTHWOLD ARTS CENTRE, St Edmunds Hall, Cumberland Road, Southwold, Suffolk IP18 6JP from 1st to 30th June 2018. 

During all of September 2018, I will be showing with other Old Dairy artists at CRAFTCO, 40A High Street, Southwold IP18 6AE.

Later in 2018, Tricia Davidson, Marilyn Jackson and myself will be exhibiting at the ALDEBURGH ARTS GALLERY, 143 High Street, IP15 5AN from 25th - 31st October 2017 inclusive from 10am to 5pm.  We are all members of the Old Dairy Studios art group.  This follows the successful exhibition by Tricia, Bill Ungless (a Walberswick artist) and myself at this Gallery in April 2018.


Much of my earlier work concentrated on pencil and ink line drawing.  It was largely topographical with a focus on architectural subjects, as a natural parallel to the perspectives I produced in my professional work.  These were often initiated in pencil while on holiday abroad, but completed usually in ink on my return home. 

Occasionally I used coloured pencils (eg Lt Berkhamptead Manor) and filia oil pastels (eg Harlech Castle) to add colour to pencil (or ink) line drawings.  Alternatively the line technique has been adapted with coloured felt tips (eg Edenfields) or by printing a reverse image as white line on a colour (eg Worcester).

More recently I have experimented with a collage technique using coloured papers but still based on my ink line drawings, as the remaining pictures below.  This use of simplified flat colour seems to complement the more detailed fine line drawing in a distinctive manner.  Interestingly what often starts as a general pencil view on site is partially selected for an initial ink drawing/collage and then is sometimes focused on a further enlarged detail (as Felixstowe Ferry & Aldeburgh Roofscape).

Studio work

I work at home in Reydon and in Old Dairy Studios, Beccles.  Both have good natural light.